Festivals & Events

Welcome to Clare, Michigan!!

We are very excited to bring you the very best our wonderful city has to offer.  


A Huge Thank you to the 11….err 12 of you that ran in the First Elf Run! (#12 was Bob, a dog, belonging to Melanie Conway)

Due to your efforts, many children will have new boots to wear this winter!! 








Run Results:

                1st Place:  Jody Thompson    18:57

                  2nd:            Jeff Bismack           19:26

                3rd:          Trent Smith         19:44

                4th:          Hannah Brown     21:42.7

                5th:          Ryan Tetloff        23:08.2

                6th:          John Nguyen       23:37.3

                7th:          Robert Nunoo     25:47.1

                8th:          Steve Gellman    26:24.9

                9th:          Beth Ludwig       26:25.5

                10th:        Melanie Conway & Dog Bob    
                (29:38.2    Bob was also the Costume Winner!!)

                11th:       Bryan Crouch      31:35.3

Leprechaun Logo Contest

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Irish Fest
Entries must be submitted no later them January 1st, 2015
The winning design will receive $100 in Clare Cash





Mitten Tree

Nov. 28th - Dec 31st




Casino Adventure

February 14th,15th, 2015
To Benefit Hospice


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